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Social Media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and many others combined have billions of daily users. Social users include an audience of both consumers and business professionals both male and female, from ages 13 to 80. By building a robust social media campaign, companies can target any age group and demographic to grow their customer/client list.


Social influence marketing is the art of gaining new customers through social media platforms, by influencing their buying decisions through viral campaigns, friends and targeted offerings.


We are a Social Influence Marketing company who specialized in building social media campaigns that drive awareness, retention and new business. Our services include: Social Media Strategy, Daily Social Media Management, Creative Content Development, Social Networking, Business Blogging, Social Advertising, Community Building and Management and Much, Much More!

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Lets Check the Numbers


  • 1 Billion Users
  • Business to Consumer
  • 73% of users are ages of 30 – 49, making $75,000 or more a year
  • Surpassed Google as being the most popular website


  • 10 Million Users
  • 19% ages 30-49 with a college degree
  • 58 photographs are uploaded every second


  • 20 Million Users
  • 28% of users are ages 18 – 29
  • 70% of users are women Average user income $50,000 – $75,000 per year

Google +

  • 64% male user base
  • Increases SEO rankings


    • 54% male user base
    • Average age is 44.2

Great for business to business opportunities


  • User review site
  • Average age 42.2
  • Increases SEO & Online Word of Mouth
How Business Bragger Can Help My Business?

Target Qualified Customers

Consumers spend their time on social networks researching companies and gaining advice from their friends on where to shop and who to do business with. As a client of Business Bragger your company will be put in front of thousands of potential clients monthly through social media advertising.

Enhance Your Exposure

Increase your return on investment by ensuring the conversations happening online about your company are positive. Business Bragger offers your company the opportunity to gain Word of Mouth referrals online, by creating and managing conversations among your loyal customers, their friends and your prospects, daily.

Our Seal of Excellence:

  • Proven Results
  • Superior Analysis
  • Excellent Customer Service

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